As part of my coursework at SUNY New Paltz, I explored and conducted research under a topic of my choice in which results from a survey and a research method of our choice were to be visualized through different types of chart on a 24 x36" poster. Through my research, I wanted to find out whether the kinds of toys a person interacted with during their childhood held any kind of impact on the career they look to pursue while in college. 
I first flushed out my ideas for a secondary research method through some thumbnail sketches and basic note taking of what questions will be asked and in which items I have chosen to include.
The following are cards designed to be conducted with the 2nd research method. 
The images below display the visual outcomes of my 2nd research method over a 2- day period. From here, I then needed to find a way to quantify the placements for each card positioned by each individual that participated in the research method.
By drawing out the locations of the cards from each participant and assigning cards to levels representing relevance, I was able to see the results more clearly than from the photographs themselves and more easily input the method's outcome data into a spreadsheet. There were a total of 10 drawings done to reflect each of the 10 images taken for each person's layout of their cards.
After creating visualizations to represent the outcomes for all 10 survey questions, some thumbnail sketches were done to experiment with the layout of visual and text content on what would become the vertical poster
Final poster outcome

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