Fast Scan is an all-in-one food shopping platform concept that is aimed at making each of your shopping trips quicker and more cost efficient. The all-in-one platform design combines a digital shopping cart tool with a coupon book that update and work alongside each other to bring you the latest savings that can be tracked through your food shopping experience. By connecting to your selected store, Fast Scan shows products and locates items in real time with the help of AI technology. For the final deliverables, wireframes and an interactive prototype were utilized to carry out the app concept underneath a visual branding system. 
The idea of re-imaging an in-store shopping experience began with thinking about the long lines at my local Tops at school and Stop and Shop back home. Families buying for large families often fill their shopping carts almost to the point where there are overflowing and a lot of time is actually spent unloading and then reloading the cart to finish your purchase and leave. Saving money at food visits tends to be difficult for younger shoppers who are not sure where to look or know how to cut back on food spending in areas that can be easily avoided. Scanning with your own phone was also a way to replace the scanners in the supermarkets. 
Building out digital wireframes to come out with versatile screen moments and instances were crucial within the stages of defining the content and the user flow of the app. It also brought insight into what aspects of the app needed to be more involved and developed. 
The branding for Fast can aimed at combining the idea of a swift shopping digital shopping experience right from your fingertips. The logo mark is simply a credit/ debit card and a shopping cart mixed into one, accelerating its wheels to get everything done quickly and efficiently. The final colors uses were decided base on ease and wellness which can make a new process feel less stressful to take in. 
Once I was able to solidify the branding of the app, the function of the app usability, I then continued to start building up the screens that I have planned out and designed. The prototype ended up consisting of around 200 screens.
For users to become more aware about the app while not utilizing it while food shopping, digital and print ads were created to help spread awareness and info regarding the benefits and instances where the fast scan can be used and integrated towards your personal shopping list and actively saving. 

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