As part of my coursework at SUNY New Paltz, I was to design a book and combine the required text "The World of Wrestling" with 2 additional text that relate to the assigned text. My approach to this project seemed to combine the spectacle and awe of wrestling and its misinterpretation in conjunction with how the media had altered our perception of suffering on a global scale. Another goal of this project was to convey the gathered content from the book into different formats to accommodate other print and digital mediums. 
When putting together this project, I was to investigate the kinds of text I was working with and trying to figure out how the type can convey the story and vibe that I was aiming for. On separate documents, I began to test out different types of typefaces and how they worked as titles, headers, sub headers, bylines, body copy, captions, and more. The fonts that I ended up using for this project consisted of Kaneda Gothic and Utopia Std. Their differences with one being a condensed sans serif font with the other being a classic serif print font I found to have juxtaposed each other in an interesting way. 
Different forms of pull quotes were arranged to be utilized to split up large portions of the body text in the book. The text was either to emerge as a centered quote or as a left aligned quote with a large drop cap initial quote bracket.
Once the font styles have been selected, I worked on establishing a grid that would remain consistent throughout the book for all of the selected text. I decided that the entire book would look better if there was to be some padding at the top and bottom of the page so then the entire story can remain "boxed in" throughout the entirety of the book. 
The data spreads and a number of images were an exception to this rule that I had established. 
Custom data visualizations
To combine another element of spectacle and performance, I encountered a spreadsheet from Github about college marching band fight songs from the top 5 college football conferences in the country. 
The way that the spreadsheet was arranged contained a lot of variables containing yes or no fields, indicating whether or not a song contained a certain aspect of not. I felt that it was important to define what was being measured or indicated in each song and how it can later be represented through simple shapes and colors. 
Some personal noted that I took regarding the different measures and identifications from the fight songs spreadsheet. I was mostly also trying to see how data can be conveyed by an instance or the amount of "fight" instances mentioned in the song. 
The following spreads consists of how the small multiple visualizations were laid out in Fighting For An Audience. The first spread consists of a how to key legend before the actual display of the data and information in the following two spreads. 
Book Cover 
I tested out different variation for the design of the book cover. At this stage, I felt that there was not enough contrast between the background color and pages in the book but wanted to test out visual elements and photography instead. 
Final version of the cover - front and back
Fight Perform Suffer Newspaper 
the newspaper designed tied with the Fighting for An audience is titled, "Fight, Perform, Suffer", which are the three large themes involved in the text of the book. In designing this, I worked with traditional editorial layout concepts while keeping its visual elements aligned with its overall branding. The challenge in putting this together was in containing all of the text from the book into the 8 pages I chose to work with for this part of the project.
Promotional Video
The final part of this project was to create a short promotional video for our book and newspaper. The direction that I choose to go with the video vastly differed from my dense, detailed approach that I took with both print aspects of the project. By being inspired by the SNL comedian introductions designed by Pentagram, I wanted to design name introductions for individuals who's quotes I have included in the book and newspaper. 
The style of the type for the names are also meant to create a reoccurrence of style with the cover of the newspaper. The video itself is about 20 seconds long and was put together in Adobe After Effects

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