As part of my coursework at SUNY New Paltz, I worked with data from Makeover Monday, a website dedicated to having data reworked and shared for social media on a weekly basis throughout an entire year. In class, we were to examine 4 datasets of our choice and then create a design project based on one of the Makeover Monday datasets that could then be shared on Twitter using #MakeoverMonday. The purpose of my project is to demonstrate the magnitudes of income inequality experienced by all 50 states, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C in 2016.
To better understand what I am working with, I like to take notes of what types of data is available and what factors are being measured. Listing some questions raises my own curiosity of what I myself would like to include though a data graphic or a set of graphics, known as an infographic.
Using Tableau, the following charts represent the 14 income groups from the data displayed as a percentage of each state's population
I started out with laying out 2 separate tables on a vertical layout, but then I felt the data may be better understood and read if displayed horizontally
Considering opinions from my classmates and colleagues, I decided to revisit this project and take another look at it in terms of how it can be improved. This was mostly based on visual clarity and the overall understanding of the information

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