The Go 202 Beer Garden, a small local business located in Northwest section of Washington D.C. serving fresh brews on a daily basis. At our beer garden, we strive to provide a quality service and selections of brews and cocktails for those young and old, from near and far. Our business was built to capture the true energy of Washington D.C; full of hustle and bustle with just enough room to sit back and relax when you can. We aim to work towards gratifying our customers to delightful bites and entrees as they sip and wait for another round. Most of the beers on tap are domestically brought from local breweries in nearby Virginia and Maryland as well as some as far up as Maine. We are also built on authenticity as we are strongly inspired by the city in which we are based. At The Go 202, we aim to help out our local partners as they give us a hand. As a new business, we welcome new customers with open arms as we continue to expand and share our delights with each person that turns our street corner.

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